Zaras umstrittenes „Sheriff“ Hemd

Zara’s disputed ‘Sheriff’ T.



People are paying attention and they love to share what consumes them. Remember when you were a kid, how urgently you wanted to share your discoveries immediately. You wanted your father and mother to see what you had found. With the event of social media the supporting technology for sharing became publicly available. That changed everything. Again.

The recent children’s shirt uproar demonstrates the effect and efficiency of sharing.

Someone discovered a children’s shirt. And found its display of a classic American western sheriff badge on a striped t-shirt, a potential similarity with the Star of David. A curiosity that was then shared on social media. In consequence the shirt manufacturer removes the kid’s t-shirt.





What is happening here is not a conversation, it is no dialogue. It is a message sent of relevance to others that was shared.

Nothing new to you. An inevitable development has taken us for nearly 20 years into the early 21. century.



  1. The motivation is sharing.
  2. The cause is technological progress.
  3. The out-take is self-actualisation.

Read in full by Asa Bennett.