SLP Verpackung

The ready-to-wear line, “Saint Laurent Rive Gauche” founded in 1966,
is now called „Saint Laurent Paris‟.

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YSL stays put

Unlike rumors earlier this month (good thinking by Barbara Apple Sullivan in a Forbes article), the fashion house shies from venturing into re-branding and replacing YSL for SLP.

If the cab driver at the airport knowns were to bring you upon hearing a brandname only, is a good indication for the brand to be well known. Most brands erroneously assume to be known to the world at large.

Adding the location to a brand’s name takes the brand downmarket, distancing it from it’s namesake is an act of stupidity, when the namesake is as iconic an ambassador for the brand as is Yves Laurent.

Start up brands are doing themselves a favour in naming their location, as it strengthens their community of mutual friends and supporters in early days.

Small town cab drivers will more likely know the address when hearing your brand name for visitors at the train station.[/column][end_columns]

It’s Saint Laurent Paris to you..