It happens when nobody is watching

Back in 2009, Amnesty International had installed an anti-domestic-abuse ad fixture in Hamburg, Germany which was equal parts clever and shocking: when you look at the photo, it’s a smiling couple; when you look away, it’s a dude punchin’ a lady.

eye tracking ambient fixture via coloribus

And it happens when everyone is watching

When the above was a fantastically effective concept, and a brilliant use of technology. Kind of sad, then, that it probably was award bait, and doomed to be a lone installation, according to copyranter. The current recruitment effort, I came across via an entry by Roland Kühl v.Puttkamer on Werbeblogger, is likely to upset Cindy Gallop.
Jung von Matt enjoys a reputation of being Germany’s most creative ad agency, whilst a role model we better not be following, if we ever want to bring sexy back to our ad trade.


Twisted recruitment tweet by JvM. Originally in German language.

Much of the copy I plundered John Herrman for at gizmodo. The headline was coined by Roland Kühl v.Puttkamer and is less striking than the German original.