You’ll visit parallax scrolling pages only once

Parallax scrolling Mac Pro product demonstration par excellence ©Apple



If you are like me and do most of your work on the web, you might have noticed, that simple pages are more suitable for work.

Aside from the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel’s website, Apple’s product page for its Mac Pro is one of the best practices for parallax scrolling. Even so, the brilliant execution of the Mac Pro product demonstration offers a pleasing experience only when viewed with a power machine like the Mac Pro. Otherwise it jerks and twitches, so you won’t likely want to visit the page again.

HTML 5, Java script and the capability to create a smooth web exprience with parallax scrolling tempts developers and designer to exuberance to the effect, why we must thank Steve Jobs for disrupting Adobe Flash and to no longer support the technology.

This is not to reject parallax scrolling altogether, but it takes supreme concentration and economical usage to make parallax count, especially today with mobile first.