Mississippi Fred McDowellFriedrich Nietzsche, Roling Stones, Fred McDowell.



It’s said that self-employed and business people are always on the move. Friedrich Nietzsche has coined the happy phrase:



“Don’t trust a thought you have while being seated”

Almost two thirds of the German enterprises feel to be driven to transform rather than transforming on their own (German language source). No surprise, the working populations is sitting in front of their displays all day long for most part of their life time.

Women are in the fast lane, since they are always in motion with their children. They drive SUVs and use mobile devices.

“Borgen” is kinetic and lean, Stephen Benedict Dyson describes the success of the Danish TV-Series, measured against English-language shows about politics,



understand the category conventions – which to embrace and which to cast aside

Principle № 3 of 8 principles to work to.



At your fullest convenience

For a life time you witnessed the Rolling Stones demonstrate, how the cobbler sticks to his lasts, and how the fact was never clouded, that their product’s DNA is unmistakably R&B and Blues. The song by “Mississippi” Fred McDowell got pressed into the vinyl of their Sticky Fingers album.