©I2018 HOb Source Twitter @IHOB

©I2018 HOb Source Twitter @IHOB

For one, the recent announcment of IHOP renaming the family restaurant to IHOb, made me anxious, then curiosity set in. Many fellow Americans may have felt such sensation. Bummer, no more pancakes?

Fellow marketers may have picked up the news with a sigh of relief. Finally a logo redesign with purpose when so many logo redesigns have failed miserably not taking the people behavior into account who grew familiar with the logo for many years.

The good news, you can still have your pancakes with your favorite sirup and links as always.

On Monday it became known that the name change from IHOP to IHOb was but a sales promotion stunt and the name change would be temporary.

International House of Burgers

Again, aside from promoting the addition of burgers to IHOP’s menu, you can still have your pancakes. That’s the sugar coating on the disappointment marketers now feel, hoping for some sort of innovation or branding sensation instead of mere logo redesign.

Relief with a grain of salt.

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