Porsche Cayman


The new Porsche Cayman

A good brand with a good product needs little more than good self understanding and a product shot to be
a welcome surprise for its audience.

You would suppose that the German design nation’s best practice brand Porsche would know all that, but they don’t as you can see for yourself by having a look at the campaign website.

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The interior design deserves more attention, not just the interface design of the dashboard. Volume models such as the VW Beetle or the Fiat 500 are worth studying.

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Porsche Cayman_290_alt

Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung



Porsche pictures in natural environment are presented by the Süddeutsche.

Photoshop brushed up files (see website) are by nature no confidence-building measure but bad decision making in marketing German premium brands.

How irreconcilably the website acts toward the brand, may become obvious to Porsche decision makers, when evaluating the current ad for the Mercedes A class.

How disadvantageously and chumming up it is for German premium brands to be after a younger audience! Good brands attract their audience like light attracts moths, useless to be running after anyone or anything, and to leave marketing up to sales has proven a bad idea with GM Opel/Vauxhall.

Two website have drawn my attention, provide orientation, and work hard on brand building:

  1. VW Beetle (best car web)
  2. Lit Motors (our new car has two wheels)

In the new year some 160 new cars will be launched.

On March 2, the new Cayman becomes available at German car dealers, come spring you can get yours in the US as well.