iOS game and free game companion by Simogo

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Year Walk Mylingen

Become knowledgable of all creatures involved in Year Walk.

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Year Walk Brook Horse

Year Walk Brook Horse


Grab a Häagen-Dazs and explore Skogsrået, Bäckahästen, Maylingen and many more folk lore secrets of Swedish game play

Source: appshopper

The Year Walk Companion is the definitive guide to the mysterious myths and creatures encountered in the game Year Walk. A mini-encyclopedia to keep handy when playing, or in preparation of your adventure. Or perhaps for contemplation after having finished your year walk?

Year Walk Companion covers a range of forgotten beliefs and superstitions and goes deeper into the subject of year walking, as well as the supernatural beings found in the game.

Created in collaboration with folk lore and ethnology expert Theodor Almsten, the free Year Walk Companion is essential to those who wish to get the most out of Year Walk.



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