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At yesterday’s developer conference, Apple has made more of an impression than was expected

Far more.

Like any other manufacturer, apple has interpreted the signs of time and put them to good use for their advertising. Including the one of local pride in a global market. Everyone loves their tiny spot of soil on earth, why would Californians be the exception?

American Apparel with downtown LA and Chrysler with Detroit have led the way, and every business incl. German banks (Commerzbank) or Apple are following the lead, and allow themselves to be carried by the stream. Those with less of a self understanding are swept off their feet and dragged along.

Not only dead fish swim with the stream, Politic und businesses are being carried along. Why not Apple as well?

A unique selling proposition would be, a business that turns words into action.
Even more so, a business that understands that has already turned words into action while the words are leaving their lips.


Shoot first ask later

Apple can’t possibly have kept much powder dry and wasted more ammo then followers and developers had expected, but will it be enough tp re-animate the stock exchange?

Advertising has long lost its way in being a big promise.


“The strategy is delivery”

Mike Bracken

“Can’t innovate anymore in my ass” (laughter)

Phil Schiller


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