Wrapped and ready to market, this European thermostat will be launched this month.




The European cousin of the Nest Thermostat with a difference, Philipe Stark’s wall unit is square not round.



It’s understood and good – even recommended conduct for European businesses to copy best practices and innovations as they become available. Talent imitates, genius steals.



Netatmo website



It can’t be wrong to support just about any European contribution to innovation, deserved or not for as long as it takes Europe to get on the fast lane. A tip of the hat for Paris founders Fred Potter and Jean-Pierre Dumolard: netatmo. Whatever works. And applause on part of Fast Company’s article by Margaret Rhodes pays half the rent. In the wake of Jonathan Ive’s redesign of iOS and OS X and Nest’s earlier launch of their thermostat, Cyril’s dry comment threw me of the kitchen stool.


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