Outtake from El May shoot. Source: http://amandacharchian.tumblr.com

Courtesy of Amanda Charchian.



Apparel is predicted to become the leading category in e-commerce over the next five years as consumers become more comfortable with buy-before-you-try and retailers improve online product info and returns policies. One of the companies best poised to drive this growth is Pinterest, and it seems to be readying itself for action. Even so, Pinterest was built by founder and CEO Ben Silbermann, as a contribution to making the web a more elegant place.

The commercial possibilities of the site are well documented as Pinterest traffics more transactions than Facebook, and its users spend considerably more than Facebook users. Pinterest therefore delivers brands with a better quality audience, and nestles them in a giant forum for discussing, sharing and celebrating products. Try figure these statistics.


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MADE IN MUNICHWorld Dirndl is a Pinterest pinboard for how Dirndl fashion is worn around the world. A steadily growing collection of Dirndl shoots and how diverse cultures from around the world adapt to wearing a dirndl.


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