Opel Corsa color line by Scholz and Friends, Opel Performance Center

“What about the white one?” is the concluding question in this spring like advert, which airs on YouTube, showrooms and in movie theaters while a teaser is shown on tv.

Lisa Volz, a contestant from Heidi Klums’ down spiraling ‘Germany’s Top Models’ casting show was actually casted.

Personally I much prefer this spot for its lightheartedness over JLo’s voluptuous Fiat 500 pop spot.

Jörg Sachtleben is the creative director.



“Something is wrong with the bunny, Mr. Berg” by M&C Saatchi, Berlin

The class bunny mascot lies dead on a students counter.

Yet the teacher, Mr. Berg does not seem to care since he has kept the receipt.

A sip of VIO table water returns enough freshness to the teachers head, so he finds an instant solution to bring the bunny back to life.

The new agency for VIO is KemperTrautman in Hamburg, I trust this was made by former agency of record, M&C Saatchi in Berlin though.

Correct me if I am wrong.