A recovery mode for fixing fatal errors causing the white screen of death from within admin.

WordPress wants users to keep their PHP version current. The minimum required PHP version is 5.6.. WordPress 5.2 cannot be installed using an outdated version. Something that plugin developers may adopt .

Roll-Back allows you to return to a previous version of a plugin should things go wrong.

  • Gutenberg 5.3 introduces a block management modal which allows you to enable/disable blocks from the block inserter. Find it here →
  • We also get the possibility to nest different kinds of blocks in a Cover Block container. Allowing for more interesting uses of the Cover Block block.
  • There are many improvements to the hover and selected block states, with better a11y and less distraction.((Source: Yoast))
  • Der Blockeditor sports much-improved responsiveness and is way faster.

New introduced blocks

  • An RSS block
  • An Amazon Kindle embed block
  • A Search block
  • A Calendar block
  • A Tag Cloud block