Kristi Faulkner, Sandy Sabean met at Ammirati Puris Lintas before they founded woman!nd

Kristi Faulkner, co-founder, president

Sandy Sabean, co-founder, chief creative officer


The customer is not a moron, she is one of us

Mommy bloggers were first to own the social media space. Women also seem to dominate mobile, the vastest growing media market.

Be it for the physical advantage of delicate fingers operating the miniature buttons of mobile devices or the psychological advantage of being better aligned with their inner self while more open and honest about earthly realities.

So yes, consumer insight is key to integrated marketing.

Exclusive focus on making marketing more relevant to household purchase makers is competitive advantage.

Clients agreed, with marketers like Citibank Women & Co., TD Ameritrade, Post cereals and Bag Borrow or Steal enlisting the 12-person shop.



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