Foto: Henrik Purienne

Foto: Henrik Purienne



Germany’s ad trade magazines are demonising native advertising as masked advertising. Wrong. Advertorials offer a less in your face, more relaxing advertising tactic. Done well, native advertising is capable of augmenting content.

Enter Wolfclub chronicle. It took me a little time to discern it. Is it a campaign I am looking at for a brand I haven’t heard of? When in fact it is a project documentary, the making of and an extension of the portfolio of Brydie Mack. A creative director from Sydney, Australia.

Or is it?

A paid for advertorial. Trickery and as the German trade mags say it is, deceptive, masked advertising?

Zulu + Zephyr Spring ’15

A popular swim suit brand, having its brand preferably built by third party contributions, predominately blogs.

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