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Das Referenz is an iPad/iPhone application by Frank Rausch and Timm Kekeritz, founders of Berlin start up Raureif. The app is free, you can download it from the Apple store.

Das Referenz supersedes Wikipedia’s own app with little things and a demonstrated purpose to move things for developers and users forward, not only with an orientation from slick, elegant and efficient design of contemporary media such as Medium represents, and finding a middle ground by not shying away from skeuomorphism for an experience closer to the handling of 109 year old encyclopaedia.

It’s the little things that count (age old Publix jingle, remember?) One such small difference is the use of smart quotes.

Wilson noticed, the neatest thing about Das Referenz may not be its classic take on information, but its future-forward approach to Wikipedia. Some pages are smart enough to actually integrate and render information from the information repository Wikidata–pasting images such as timelines into relevant Wikipedia articles–which even Wikipedia itself doesn’t do yet. This particular integration is fairly basic right now. It’s basically just when a few people lived and died–on a timeline. And pages that support the feature are few and far between. But given that Wikidata has all sorts of information ripe for visualization–such as geolocations, sport statistics, and box office revenues–it’s great to see developers running with the idea, even if Wikipedia itself isn’t quite yet.

Das Referenz is free and available now. You can turn the ads off for $3



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