Today's MyFonts newsletter is the third in a row to feature selectable type with non-standard fonts

Today’s MyFonts newsletter is the third in a row to feature selectable type with non-standard fonts

The US type shop has always been a pioneer and prime example of how good design dissolves into behavior

Any designer can come here and test type of which they believe it to be a good match to help express the client’s brand character on their website prior to purchasing it.

Their fonts cost a fraction of those from conventional, so-called established type shops.

Their website helps you find a suitable logotype.
You enter a brand name and get to see the brandname in all available typefaces right then.

You can upload a type sample and the site’s algorithms will identify it for you. Should this fail you get passed on to a forum with savvy volunteers to help you identify the type.

This is how good design disolves into behavior.

Why type in digital media should always be selectable

Ever more people earn their living with working the web. To ease the work, ‘copy and paste’ are not optional but a need.

Precarious is the widespread lack of understanding good design

Especially true for the country most hold in high esteem for its design. Germans still value design by way of static looks and other secondary aesthetics. We now value design by its functionality and responsive usefulness.

The false pretence of good design becomes obvious when you do a search and get no results. Try do anything on any public service site. You learn that it gets done faster by walking to the office and get it done the traditional way.

What’s with the newsletter?

With the integration of special fonts in their newsletter, MyFonts is first to market. It is possible to use fonts other than system fonts in mail as well. Brands can now customise mailings with their brand type if they wish.

And people who make a living by way of web, can copy these contents and paste them to their own body of work.

You’ll see this become common place.