Britishe Newcastle Bierwerbung



British Newcastle beer rises above the social media bollocks of its Miller Lite competition. The #itsmillertime hasttag and campaign remains ever popular.

Brands are beginning to identify the predatory exploitation of their consumers cognitive surplus and they don’t want you to associate them with a bad thing.

Bad taste helps products get down on the street and be among people. Doesn’t that sound condescending right there? An ivy league team of designers creating poorly executed ads, assuming that it is bad taste that you want? Come on, there must be a better solution to initiate sharing and help knowledge transfer be democratised.

However fun and refreshing bad taste may be experienced, bad taste is bad for you. It brings bad habits and bad behaviour with it.

Bylines and explanations have a way to ruin campaigns. I love this one but then I watched the video. Parodies, more often than not, come across more tired than what they are trying to be a parody of. That’s bollocks. Do note it’s made by Droga5. And boy are they well perceived. Here’s their pitch video.




Tired, poorly executed parody of good English humour. The ads then are fun and brilliantly executed. I trust the good folks at Droga5 wished it be the other way around.

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