Why Apple’s crashing the luxury party

image: vf.com



Ana Andjelic’s Medium post was originally published in Adweek on March 20th, where it was featured among Editor’s Picks.

The introduction reminds me of a first occurrence, when after 15 years in the US, I returned to Europe. At a visit of the local apple wine pub Fichtekränzi in Frankfurt it became immediately obvious that the tables occupied by bankers had more laughters and was more cheerful than the table I shared with comparably less glamorous ad people.

Modern luxury is deeply, inherently and organically intertwined with digital technology, across sectors ranging from fashion and beauty to hospitality and art. It has shifted from timeless to timely, from simple to complex, from product-first to experiential, from opulent to meaningful.

“There is no history. What I like is to do — not the fact that I did,” noted Karl Lagerfeld, who kept the famously timeless Chanel roaringly relevant and fresh for more than 30 years. Lagerfeld’s words sound eerily similar to the future-obsessed, forward-thinking approach of technology.

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