Don’t bang your heads at the eagle, bang your heads at the overall experience.


our new look


The stripes on the tail wings make me feel uncomfortable. They look shredded and cluttered.


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AA logo before


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AA logo after



Why the new decals for the aircraft won’t do much for me

  1. I found the default silver metal look (Massimo Vignelli’s classic 1967 “Silver Bird” livery) cutting edge. No other airline dared to keep the plane in its default shiny metal state. Think of the awesome silver spacecraft in Star Wars.
  2. I’d like to peel off the new peel-off eagle and wash off the paint of the tail wing. Every competing airline paints the tail wing and does a better job at it.
  3. A failed opportunity to cut costs and have less do more.
  4. Focusing on CI elements takes away the energy to rethink the overall experience
  5. The peel off eagle however works well on the improved website.

    Brief intermission: Angela Trimbur dance at LAX.


    By comparison, the unsolicited proposition of young Cyprus-based designer, Anna Kövecses provided deeper, more sensitive insights on how to improve the AA experience, by tapping into the golden age of air travel.

    Taking the passenger back in time when flight attendances where still called stewardesses and travel by air was filled with excitement.

    It carries the scent of the realm of the aristocracy or more recently, that of the intact business world of Mad Men.

    And it didn’t take a word of explanation to make Kövecses utterly graspable / feasible.

    Anna Kövecses’s theoretical redesign of American Airlines focuses on conveying an aura of safety. It was featured first on Fast Company’s CoDesign by Kelsey Campbell-Dollagran..