Valmano tvc

Valmano tvc for watches and glasses


Client: Valmano
Title: The Dentist
Agency: Scholz&Friends
Creatives: Robert Krause
Director: Andreas Nilsson[column width=”45%” padding=”5%”]

Marlous van der Sloot Photography

[column width=”45%” padding=”5%”]
Marlous van der Sloot Photography




How to break through indifference for a German start up in post everything times when porn, child molestation, corrupt politicians and a forever lost welfare system won’t get you much of a response other than a shrugged shoulder?

Not much of a challenge for Berlin ad agency Scholz&Friends in a country not known for spending money on good food but high sensitivity with abstract theoretical social issues while turning a cold shoulder on their old and needy, a more direct and practical social issue.


It’s easier to do something that is experienced as odd, absurd and ugly than to turn that something into stunning amazement leaving you behind with a good feeling.

Was it David Ogilvy who said, don’t produce anything you would’nt want to show your mother?

All great German tvc these days, seem to have been crafted by Czar.

The ad got produced rather well.
The take away is an undefinable feeling of displeasure, nausea, disgust.