May we all be so enchanted.  (AP Photo:: Marcio Jose Sanchez. Source:

May we all be so enchanted.
(AP Photo:: Marcio Jose Sanchez. Source:

Desktop users exhale. Especially you creatives and entrepreneurs. Since Apple passed on High Sierra to you beta testers there is hope for the power users, since campus developers are paying attention to you and have supplied a much needed maintenance release with the most needed features running in the background.

Complete new 64-bit file system replacing HFS+, with significant productivity gains and responsiveness (Encryption, crash-safe protection, and simplified backup)
Virtual Reality und Augmented Reality are now incorporated in the system. ARKit offers a platform for developers to bring AR experiences to iOS devices.
Apple Photo comes with three new effects: Loop, Bounce and Long Exposure. With Loop can do gifs straight out of Photo.
Photo editing reamains intact and you can call Photoshop or Pixelmator for further editing and safe it back to Photo.
Safari is more responsive and allows for blocking video autoplay.
With Tracking Prevention you no longer be followed by ads from pages you have previously visited.
HD und 4K videos are being stored in a more compact format in their original high res quality.
This also makes for faster transfers.
Search and indexing are quicker.


During the stretch of beta testing processes have been increasingly running more smooth and more responsive.. Even my beloved Mini Mac was running more quietly. The MacBook Air with its flash drive remains the fastest. We now wish for external flash drives to become more available. The new iMac Pro looks terrific and is way expensive.

of the creative class
with the iMac Pro

Oops the Apple Special Event has begun and Angela has just entered the stage.
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