Michael Scofield (Prison Break)

Remainders of Michael Scofield. Source: Wikipedia.



FiftyThree filed for trademark protection for the term “paper”. The company has publicly called on Facebook to change the confusing name of its new storytelling app, also called Paper. Since Facebook’s paper app seems to be more popular than its facebook app, wouldn’t it be proper to replace facebook app with paper app and call it facebook app?

The one thing I admired about Microsoft was for them to repossess common terms and make them their own, such as “Word” for their word processor. This doesn’t justify the untold procrastination that Microsoft must make up for and owes the world the loss of efficiency and elegance of two decades.

By similar token, I am no friend of facebook, as it decreases the power and range of blogs, which are playing a more effective role in knowledge transfer, unless gossip and cat images have taken on equal value to insights.

Paper is a genius drawing and painting application for the iPad followed by the equally genius Pencil, their pressure sensitives stylo. The technology can differentiate between the the palm of the artists hand resting on the surface and the tip of the styli which makes all the difference. Fiftythree is fantastic, a gift to the design community, hence the contrary to Microsoft.

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