By way of tweat or like by friend Dirk Neugebauer, I followed up on Munich Fidor bank ready to get excited over a local new business model and for Fidor CEO Matthias Kröner being a straight shooter from Munich.

The bank’s website doesn’t let me do much to get excited about, and I spent my morning with thinking how little I care about my bank and that Fidor won’t deliver an immediate reason for switching banks.



Now what do I want from my next bank?

  1. A reason to switch.

  2. New world support.

  3. Wave to the machines.


Google finds me what I am looking for:



Simple, fast application to get your banking done.
The walk though by founder Josh Reich of Simple. is no longer available and was replaced by a more recent film



What we need is banking not banks

The incentive works with me:

Get ready to leave your bank

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Ignore two-point-oh, popular in Europe


Josh Reich’s Simple is best practice and way to go. Offering radical simplification, Simple let’s us instantly do what we need to do in banking.

I have no need for really charming bank clerks (, and won’t ever need community support (Fidor).

Explanations indicate failure.