MyFonts website was the fist site for me to understand what Gareth Kay meant with an idea that does.

MyFonts let me figure out what font I was looking for by uploading a sample of the type I was looking for. The site let me try out fonts when experimenting with logotypes for clients. And it allowed me to demonstrate to the client a website with a font I want to sell lhim on. All free of charge. They would not even request your mail address in return for their services. As a subscriber I receive ideas of alternatives to using Helvetica or Times.

Identify fonts instantly on the go

Today MyFonts made their mobile app available. You can now identify fonts while out there instantly and purchase it while at it.





How it works

The WhatTheFont app is powered by deep learning, a type of artificial intelligence which makes it fast and accurate. Because of this, it can to do things the desktop version can’t do, like identify connected scripts and identify multiple fonts in the same image.
After you take a photo, WhatTheFont automatically looks for text. To see the results, just tap the font you want to identify and WhatTheFont will show you a list of possible matches. You can even try out the fonts with your own text.