Learning from nature


It just sounds right

In March 2007, Craig Bryant posted [Warm, Fuzzy, and Auto-Generated] about how rewarding his customer experience with CD Baby was—with emphasis on auto-generated for us practitioners. The tone of voice and how CD Baby converses with the customer made all the difference to him. Revisit the email sample here. The other week Derek was back with a TED presentation to make us smile, cheer and wonder just how easy it has become.


  • Trust your ears
  • Investigate & sample authentic language with your sales people or client facing units
  • Invent or reinvent your language



Witness a movement happen start to finish in under three minutes

Now we have an idea of the importance of how we craft the templates and boilerplates we use for everyday communication. We also get an idea of what it takes to make the voice sound just right and how it must be a reflection of ourselves—the brand spirit or psyche we must learn to reflect. Another video I just came across on Farris Yacob’s blog let’s us grasp the transformation our ad industry is being rushed through to get us going in a Nike swoosh way and get started with doing ideas that do.
Poke in London’s is doing just that for its clients in a fun and immediate fashion. Get the idea from John V Willshire here.


  • Trust your spontaneity
  • Silly ideas and tactical measures won’t harm the brand as long as the public is appreciative, delighted and amused
  • Encourage your brand to become a follower of ideas that do

Gareth Kay, Director of Digital Strategy, Goodby, Silverstein and Partners.


Slow marketing for the fast company

The transformation of the ad industry won’t happen in under three minutes. “What matters is behavior not imagery. Attraction is driven by what we do not the image that we project of ourselves.” Gareth Kay argues “We need to be more like bowerbirds rather than showing off our colors…” I’m watching a documetary on the tiny country of Bhutan. The country’s youth actually returns to Bhutan after exploring the world and studying in Oxford and Yale. Much like the US, Bhutan has pursuit of happiness written into their declaration. Alas this has nothing in common with our western perception of consume and capital being the benchmark for happiness. Au contraire, Bhutan has developed a benchmark for happiness with a population majority earning a yearly income of around $20. Yet their youth will happily return to Bhutan from their universities in the metropolises of the western world.
Bhutan makes good use of plenty of holidays and daily ceremonies. What good is that? It slows them down and makes room for thought and consideration. Introducing a curriculum [by way of a multi-user blog] to our company and/or our clients company will help make room for thought and celebrate thinking—it also ensures the means of transformations becoming transparent to all involved.


  • Consider a program for long tail marketing—become a trusted company
  • Consider a curriculum for your company. A simple mulit-user blog will help establish thought leadership—make motivation & thinking transparent
  • Stop with selling your clients on static websites, beginn with educating your clients on the advantages of content management systems such as ExpressionEngine, WordPress, Movable Type—sell them on blogs.
  • Learn the difference between a website and a blog from Thomas Mahon here.


Proof of dna: the peacock attracts the peahen with the number of eyes in his plumage when fanning his tail or trainProof of skill: bowerbirds attract females by demonstrating their skills in building nests or bowers