We're a community of kids who make.


Kids are ready for this. They’re instinctively scientists and explorers

“65 percent of children entering grade school this year will end up working in careers that haven’t even been invented yet.”

—Cathy N. Davidson, Professorin Duke Universität.


“Creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.”

—Sir Ken Robinson.


DIY is a community of kids who make.

Whatever they make, they make in public.

Parent, grandparents have their own dashboard for monitoring.

Thinking does not change what we make, what we make changes our thinking.


Here’s how it works today:

  1. DIY kids sign up and get their own Portfolio, a public web page to show off what they make.
  2. They upload pictures of their projects using or the iOS app.
  3. Kids’ projects are online for everyone to see, you can add Stickers to show support.
  4. You also have your own dashboard to follow their activity and to make sure they’re not sharing anything that should be private.



    Find nice examples of what creative kids came up with by Virginia Lynne over here.