kindle paperwhite

kindle paperwhite is one of the warmest sounding trademarks of our time and its purely utilitarian



When it comes to trademarks, bad designers and unexperienced entrepreneurs think of some clever typographical solution, a three-letter acronym, something that is expressed in a bold graphic way, signed by the little TM symbol. Or worse, something like Apple’s “i” series, the Munich carmaker BMW has built its new generation of electric vehicles around.

And they immediately think of an extensive corporate identity to manifest the moniker.

Nothing can be further from the truth as this example of our times demonstrates.



For whom the bell tolls

It leaves you with the warm and fuzzy feeling of something that somehow rings true. and even though this contradicts the recent marketing insight of nothing being sold if it’s not emotional, the kindle paperwhite trademark is purely utilitarian and made up of sound exclusively.

Consumers like the ring of it. Doesn’t the truth sound different? They seem to experience something that shines through and adds clarity and enlightenment to their perception.

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