Thank you

Thank you note by the surf troopers to thank fb supporters

What if you don’t have a thousand troopers? Good question, social media.

Keep calm and carry on, is one advice bloggers pass on to bloggers. They want you to get on with it, since they couldn’t help but get on with it themselves.

Then there is plenty of advice for bloggers out there, quick to copy and paste from one another to tell you the obvious: Submit guest blogs to reach new audiences. Be nice or be gone. Apply easy to subscribe to opt-ins. Power up your social media activities. Provide helpful content of relevance. Try controversial. Make a few eyebrows raise.

Yet your bloglevel influence rating is below 50. Now what?

You never liked social media in the first place

If you are like me, you love seeing people enjoying themselves in social gatherings as long as you don’t neccessarily have to take part. You love to hear children or grown ups having fun with one another and you sure adore friendship pictures all around.

If you are like me you want the world you are in to be happy. You don’t care so much about inconsequential twaddle on twitter nor around the water cooler at work. You are far more egotistical than most and you really only want to hear of things that make perfect business sense to you.

You’d rather be giving out orders or post messages with little care for what people had to say. Like Seth Godin, you’d rather turn your sociable option off for good. And no, you don’t want to follow even your best friends on twitter. Hell no, you wouldn’t allow your head to turn when a Maserati GranTurismo drives by in real life.

Dangerous Conditions via surfing troopers

To get it right, you got to take media out of social

The devil is in measuring and media, public standing and public image are all about measuring. Nothing here will ever make you happy unless your sales are providing you with something to believe in.

It now makes perfect sense for the old world countries to have been shy with numbers, keeping income a secret, never ever talking about money, not letting anyone know your plans…

Now if you wish to stay away from social media altogether, you must stay away from aggregators such as facebook, linked in . Trouble is, that those who stay away are staying away for all the wrong reasons.

    Will you be left behind when you cut media out of social?


  1. Shut down all your social media accounts and have them removed.

  3. Mind your own business.

  5. Don’t play favors.

  7. Don’t create content with recipients in mind or for making them like what you do.

  9. Concentrate on ideas that do and creating content that will make people search for it.

  11. Focus exclusively on media space you own.

  13. Disable the sociable option (see Seth Godin)

  15. Search the web the old fashioned way. Use your browser.


Enjoy a lovely weekend, give your action some thought and perhaps we can get ourselves to not coming around here no more. Much appreciated. Now go enjoy yourselves with surfing troopers.