German TV talkmaster Ina Müller loves making clear statements. She wants Europe.

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For German actress Bettina Zimmermann, Europe provides a multitude of possibilities, which she aims to retain for us all.

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Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt recognizes dependencies and emphasizes the necessary respect when opting for Europe.


11 heavyweight foundations got together to launch the pro bono campaign “I want Europe” in a time of debt crisis and regulations, that so silently as suddenly stem from a bunch of bureaucrats in Belgium.

I beg to Ziffer not only from a professional communications viewpoint.


What do you mean, I want Europe?

Isn’t Europe totally irrelevant? I have no idea and am imagining, that a lot of people feel this way.

Next question

Does the campaign offer anything to make German Europeans move from indifference and suspicsiousness to involvement and glee?

Remember there is no common language and no will to move about in Europe to wherever the providers may find work.

This is not America.

Europe doesn’t offer anything in the light of constitutionalised (people’s rights), no manual made accessible to Europeans…

Anything to believe in.

The campaign consisting of videoDie Kampagne, bestehend aus video taped confessions, a website distant from being dynamic and resolving into behavior, print ads and tv reportings, by which the website part had far less influence than I can claim for my humble blog: (the statistic in the blurb to the right represents influence in real time)
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Ich will Europa

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Ivy Quainoo is from Berlin, a German and a European – part of a large community

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For Alice McHardy Europe holds many question. It is gratifying to find the answers.


Does the European community consist of Germans only or are there other nationalities involved?

Should the European community hold a future, then because there is not other way and no alternative has become available – not because anyone would want Europe. The lack of interest as the “I want Europe” campaign is making it apparent, not only indicates a lack in communication skills but a lack of interest in the European idea.

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More on the campaign by Alan Crawford.


#Peace #Nobel for #EU does not improve poor interest for #EU campaign

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