Not thinking is changing our doing, doing is changing our thinking

Famous mini skirt may best prove this theory.

Twiggy w/Dolly Bird, 1967

Twiggy w/Dolly Bird, 1967


By wearing mini skirts, women expanded their activity radius beyond the set boundaries of being a mother and housewife.

Dispite the difficulties the individual woman may have had in making a decision for the length of a skirt and against better knowledge, today we know that victory was carried away by a collective decision for wearing the mini skirt.

Proof is in the doing

What’s great about fashion, is its capability in sparking rapid change, and engage so many in the process.

More joy than grief?


Corporate mini skirt, 1980-1990

In the 80s and 90s the mini skirt became the power suit in the corporate workplace. The mini lend strength to women in pursuing their career.

Today it has become hard to find an icon of a successful woman, who döes not make deliberate use of sexual associations and the alchemy of opposite sexes. A graphic example for this to likely be true is currently being demonstrated in Germany by the bestselling book titled wetlands of author Charlotte Roche.

The mini then brought more joy to the world than grief. How say it better than in Gareth Kay’s words? Doing is good.