Bud Caddell’s site in the process of being redesigned


What consumes him redesigned

Shortly after mentioning Craig Bryant’s brilliant third re-imagining of the great We are Mammoth site and web developer company, another favourite of mine is in the process of redesigning his blog titled: “What consumes me”.

Caddell’s blog design almost triggered an ever imminent redesign of New Advertising, which grandiosely failed to become a community blog of the proclaimed New Advertising Age.

This was at the time, when Caddell announced plans to redesign his.

Acting up out of Munich, Germany, I meant to oppose the strict functionality and rigidness of typical German design, which I find ugly, cluttered and infested with usability flaws.

I meant for this blog to appear less serious, more personal, informal and more of a scatterbrain, to make it easier on people to find it ridiculous and more likeable.

I meant to steal his colours, the noble distinction of self-written post and reposts, and those insanely great comic doodles.

More than a few words on digital marketing“, just got pointed out by Neil Perkin.


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