Kanye West 15 Minuten Rede in London.



E. Alex Jung and the good folks at Vulture, love Kanye West so much, they published a transscript in its entirety from last week. Like Jung, I am delighted by Kanye West.



Aunt Jemima Werbung. Quelle: http://blackamericaweb.com



He pulled the big switch for the black artist and moves black music away from a white perspective, Uncle Ben’s Rice, soul music and Aunt Jamima pancake flower, and lays it back in another supposedly white domain, that of interlectualism.
By doing so he is first to market with intellectual black music. White high-brow journalist celebrate Kanye West as if there were no black intellectuals.

These days, fellow American’s are discovering the great social media swindle and are publishing lists of the ten worst hippie start-Ups. Understandably, brands and businesses have long jumped the bandwagon with yesteryear’s promises in the newer context.




How silly that people are so attracted by the warm and fuzzy feeling and awkward promises, instead of relying on and demanding fact made available.



Tired and awkward promises in the early 21. century.



None corresponds to a healthy egoism. Neither what West is performing, nor what could be held against Nike, Louis Vuitton, Gucci or the German Commerzbank.

Businesses and politics are better of accepting, that what we think doesn’t change our doing – what we do changes our thinking. A reference I use often, it is of an advantage for both, businesses and politics. No free spirit would ever have the idea to ask for restriction, businesses and politics should be radically egotistical. Consumers and voters in turn should be ever more brutally egotistical.