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Not only are businesses bothered by clever digital advisors: “We are now confronted with buzzwords such as industry 4.0, big data, digitalisation and internet of things on every single day – or should I say, harassed.” moans Frank Richter, chairman of Swiss Global Investment Group at the Cologne trade conference “Digitale Ethik”.

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Wachstums-Knacker (growth hacker)

Growth hacker2 (growth hacker)



Where are the European growth hackers?

Meaningful work is knowledge work. You don’t need to be a knowledge worker to find meaning. You might have heard that the industrialized world has shifted from a manufacturing economy to a knowledge economy, but this isn’t actually true. We work in a service economy, and that’s where the meaning lies.

In the U.S., nearly three of every ten employees are knowledge workers. This number pales in comparison to service workers, who represent about eight of every ten American employees. The service sector now accounts for almost two thirds of the world’s GDP—up from half in the 1980s—including about 80% of GDP in the U.S. and 73% in the EU.

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