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We believe in a smarter workplace.

We Are Mammoth exists for one reason: companies don’t care enough about the people doing the work. We want to change that, and our company’s the first stop.

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Big & Complex, meet Small & Mighty

Some of the the country’s most complex employers depend on We Are Mammoth’s web applications to deliver secure workplace communications to hundreds of thousands of employees.


We Are Mammoth: a new site, some new faces, and a new mission

For the third time in six years, we’ve released a new version of our site at We really splurged this time, packing an unprecedented 4 pages into your internet browsing experience. This release also coincides (almost) with our sixth birthday coming up in September. Six. Years. Crazy.

It’s about time we gave ourselves a once-over, and all of the credit goes to Evan Scronce, Jennifer Sisson, Eric Boyer, and Taylor Gerring who got the new site designed, built, and deployed in just a few weeks. They’re of the newer ilk here and we’re a better place because of them.

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