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“Wave to the machines”, says James Bridle. He addresses the empathy he holds for spam bots, coded spaces, as we have come to know them from check in areas at airports, and the possibility, that machines, albeit helplessly, want our assistance.

Meanwhile, ad industry and businesses are concentrating on the gesture of swiping, rather than that of waving.

We see people swipe in tv ads and public transportation. We watch them swipe buttons here and there, back and forth. Preferably inmidst an imaginary holographic glas ball (more about a future under glas).

We see swiping in the newscast. Everything clicks, scrolls and zooms. Moderators swipe the weather maps into place.


Apple listing of gestures (All rights reserved by Apple)


Why wave to the machines?

  • Singularity is coming. We have already moved into the transhuman age, we have fallen short on getting the next generation ready and learn HTML and basic coding in elementary school with more advanced courses to follow. Not because HTML is more important than the alphabet, algebra and geometry, but it is a sustainable learning, much like the typing course, I took at Munich American Highschool, which was of more use than anything in life.
  • Since 15 years we outsource our memories and experiences to the net. Our experiences are co-created with the storage spaces of our memories and experiences. In consequence businesses must win friends for their projects and products, write their business chronicle in real time and continuously create new meaning for their brand. You can’t do that without internal, technical know how and it is not a good idea to have an agency do that for you. It is more efficient and effective to to invest in a an in-house team.
  • Milwaukee Police News provides an easy to grasp best practice case study, on how the daunting daily routines can be managed next to the neccessary and recommended public relationship duties. Milwaukee police is waving to the machines, in this case its the good old web machine.
  • Development is a friend, as long as we stay open minded. Ideas present themselves. They are not born inside an artist, but come flying at any of us including the artist. Our business ideas don’t come from a back room or secret speak easies, they are a mix of existing business ideas , presented to us every single day in ever new context or re-purposed.

    Should this be too much of a mouthful for you

    All eyes on two areas:

    1. Product: produkt development, polishing, testing and improvement.
    2. DIY public relations: Write your own business chronicle in real time. It is more convincing when the thought leaders and visionaries do it themselves, the learned knowledge transfer remains in-house and becomes an asset.

      I Made the Robot Do It by Thomas L. Friedman