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Calling all 99ers


A few Unreal Teamsters are placing their bets on an UT99 Renaissance. Simply by updating their media to an international web standard.






Ever since 1999, when we started playing UT99 at our Zentropy workplace, the gaming industry failed to recognise that military themes may not be what players need most.

Come 4pm all cubicle glas dividers where fogged up from intense game play of coworkers aiming for a better score. Did they make use of default military clothing for their avatar skin? No. You saw Roger Knöhr running around as bad ass Sith Lord from Star Wars and Martin Biela go after him camouflaged as gun sticking out from under a tent.

Whatever twisted reasoning has led the gaming industry to believe it is dark sinister military scenarios and absurd muscle packed soldier skins what players need most, what player want is quite the opposite. They run around as Mr. Burns, Lego man, Simpsons or anime figures by Japanese skin designers.

I took the first person shooter home with me and am still playing the original 99 version of UT frequently with a gang of top notch players around the world.

We are playing a modded version according to GMC standard established by Hoser in an environment we feel comfortable with since early childhood. The scenarios we congregate in are kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, back yard and so on.

GMC the Giant Map Clan was a smart association of UT99 clans worldwide, an aggregator if you wish organised and founded by Beanie.

As Planers we are tiny like in I shrunk the children and we are experiencing the game from the perspective of a cockroach. With reduced gravitation we stay away from having to drag our feet and can enjoy the fight during flight.

A teleporter helps us escape dangerous situations and teleport anywhere we can toss the porter pod, to overcome heights or width. I fondly remember Skydog who always attacked from high above and was always seen up in the air.

UT99 made me adopt digital consciousness and I came to trust the authenticity of virtual relations as something very real. I can tell digital athletes apart even when they are tricking me by using a different names. I only play with people I feel comfortable with and are much more advanced. I hang almost every night with top athletes. Stingray and I know each other since early childhood.

Just last night I was leading the game playing with POOSTICKS and was capable of keeping score with More Cowbell throughout much of the game even though both won. Later that night I could score against [UT]Sashman, a German top player and fellow member of the Unreal Team dominating the UT99 scene.






Recommended Sunday reading of BrandEins editorial in German language “Eine neue Beziehung” by Gabriele Fischer.

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