„Take on dialogue with clients yourself and seriously question the trusteeship of ad agencies”

This is also Gabor Steinhart advice, chief editor of Germany economy magazine Handelsblatt. No one has better insights of their clientel and their own company than does the manufacturer.

Continuous DIY dialog with buyers provides continuous insights of mental states and requirement of consumers.

Most common in gastronomy, where waiters and waitresses can’t help but witness guest reactions most immediate.

But how does the car manufacturer go about staying connected, who can’t be in close contact with drivers all of the time and whose reach goes far beyond the four walls of gastronomy and onto multinational terrain?

How does the country singer, the pop star go about staying in touch with the audience, who won’t get to see their faces unless on stage at a concert?


All energy is of better use in product development than in advertising

A good product speaks for itself. It’s being discovered and recommendet no longer with analog, constraints of one to another and local reach but with global digital distribution from one to many.

How mindless you will jump on a bandwagon demonstrates this popular video by Derek Sivers on how to start a movement.

Its always been this way, the means of the purpose however are no longer constraint by analog measures but digitally enabled.

The gastronomer, the car manufacturer and the pop star now follow the mommy bloggers lead. They learn that development is a friend and to make good use of readily available software tools at low cost.


The product is the media

It is being said, that the consumer does not buy the product but buys into the conviction a manufacturer has in their product.

Today every manufacturer can make good use of the plentitude of opportunities and application offerings with a lower investment of money traded of for a higher investment in time and write their company chronicle themselves while it evolves. A diary of work in the making to help with strengthening a clear consciousness and create confidence amongst stakeholders and the consumer alike.

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