Wanda Jackson Queen of Rock.



Thunder On The Mountain



Wanda Jackson, her full name is Wanda Lavonne Jackson, is a rockabilly- and country singer born on Oktober 20, 1937 in Maud, Oklahoma. The queen of rock is age 76.

I often wonder why millenials seem so attracted by all things nostalgic. Vinyl records, thrift shops, vintage clothes and just about anything retrograde.

A Gallop institute has yet to furnish a compelling study on millenials. From Ana Andjelic I learned that asking why is useless and that witnessing what (they do) produces insights. By which Gareth Kay’s question for where the young radicals are, can finally be answered. Most hipsters love their parents but won’t follow in their path. They are way radical by having transformed into vegetarians and show little interest in getting a drivers license or driving cars. Their strategic consumption is changing the world which is far more radical in effect than what previous generations can claim for themselves.

What changed between the years? It is no longer “5 to 12”. It is now “5 passed the hour” and you know it.