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Now that we are witnessing the Brits exiting the European Union, which by the way is never going to happen, it sure seems as if the Brits are the only ones who really ever loved the EU.

brilliant usability
Barry Blitt cover for the New Yorker magazine July 2016

Barry Blitt cover for the New Yorker magazine July 2016

However British the outcome from this brilliant ballot design, it’s strict uniqueness, no distracting use of colors or added elements outside of brief instructions and the boxes to place your vote.

Supernormal1. No-one consumed themselves with the brilliant usability design of the ballot paper while they placed their crosses. The very moment when design dissolves into behavior. That is supernormal. That’s when design is sooo good.


when the world zigs, zag.


For as long as I live, Britain has been renown and adored for its beat, promotion abilities, advances in contemporary design, classic advertising, digital thought leadership and with this ballot for UID, user interface design.

Creatives have the London ad agency BBH to thank for being typecast as black sheep. You can disagree, but this is what we essentially are.

With Brexit it has become obvious that the only ones who love the EU are the Brits. The young, the Scots, Irish and Londoners.
The E.U. with its Brussel’s suits sucks.



brilliant usability



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  1. Super Normal: Sensations of the Ordinary: Naoto Fukasawa