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Bicycle Wheel by Marcel Duchamp

Bicycle Wheel

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Fountain Toilet Ready-made - Marcel Duchamp


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Coat rack by Marcel Duchamp

Coat rack

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Walter Aue Duchamp als Ready-Made

Ready Made Marcel Duchamp



“My idea was to choose an object that wouldn’t attract me, either by its beauty or by its ugliness. To find a point of indifference in my looking at it, you see.”

Marcel Duchamp


I see. Ready-made comes into existence as soon as you execute an action, in this first case scenario by signing off on a condition report. Thus the object becomes current or present. By taking action you breath life back into the object.

At least that is what Walter Aue reminds us of in his book.

While a new business model develops and becomes feasible, I go with what we’ve got, which I like to think of as a solution, since it ties into the legacy behind the new company name.

The briefing from last night does not go any further, as for me to look into designing the logo.

The name tells the story and we probably can’t do any bettert, other than supporting the inherent claim and help bring it back into existence.

Discover its relevance with a selective bunch of thought leaders in the art industry. I have a rather good idea of what is needed and how this can work as long as we stick to the subscriber business model and are set on trying to grow a following bottom up.


Ready Made Thirsty Rough Light Two

No logo. A logotype should suffice with its inherent legacy and meaning.
It should suffice by the sound of it, which I trust it does.


A good story

Must the story we aim to tell with this new start-up be told in public relation lingo so it works as a press release, as would be the case in Europe? Much of the story is in the making of as evidence develops and can only be managed successfully as it unfolds with blog entries. I however was told its core content over the phone last night and became a believer within the morning hours of helping out at the May fair (Auer Dult) here in Munich.


Ready Made billboard dummy based on a foto by  Stephen Yang für WSJ

Ready Made billboard dummy based on a foto by Stephen Yang für WSJ


The four images shown at top, reflect that story, what we need now is a rational. A few facts in prose supported by bullet points to make it an interesting story of relevance, and a contribution to the success of Bloomberg’s New York City as digital capitol (@rachelhao).

The following charts help visualise the current business models being discussed:


Law of diffusion of innovation with subscription business model.

Law of diffusion of innovation with subscription business model


As long as we can stay accountable and profitable within the realm of what is indicated as Land-O-Ready-Mades in the chart above (find more insights here), we have a viable successful business going.


law of diffusion of innovation with App Store business model

Law of diffusion of innovation with App Store business model


The app store approach will likely require international roll out with multi language support of the actual apps to reach critical mass. Let the numbers decide.


See what I mean?


Invitation only subscription

Past the current period of testing the software in-house, the software is made available to a hand-picked few and subscrition is being offered by way of a new brand site with all required communication in place. Here are two examples of how inviatation only subscription feel like:

  1. Josh Reich’s Simple: Get Invited
  2. The deck: Invitation only ad network

Subscription to Ready-Made apps require endorsement of two users already subscribed.


One page wonder: Subscription site

The brand site will have to work as hard for the branding as for selling product subscriptions, perhaps the easiest and most fun part. Have a look at these three beauties and let me know which direction you feel most comfortable with:

  1. Animated editorial HTML5.0 documentation
  2. Aesthetically pleasing, corporate
  3. Robust clean conventional


Raising the standard in the art industry one step at a time

Now, if we can get major insurance companies to comply and certify ready made apps, I can finally come and have a cheeseburger across the street with you guys.