States United to prevent gun violence




Unsere Rentenlbeiträge werden in die Waffenidustrie investiert

Our 401K retirement plans are invested in gun companies



Our 401K retirement plans are invested in gun companies.



401k bullet



Every weapon has a history

Grey, my former agency in New York the unthinkable to unleash an idea that does¹ in support of a non-profit measure against gun violence.

A gun store on the lower East Side of Manhattan.

They invited First-time gun buyers to check it out, with hidden cameras rolling. Each weapon carried a tag with a synopsis of its violent history. The sales person explained in gory detail the notorious crime history of each weapon.



Grey Massnahmen



75% of the website visitor did a check on their 401K status to see if their retirement plan invested in public gun companies and opt to unload.

Learn how famously effective Grey’s social experiment turned out from their stellar case study.

Read in full by Tim Nudd.



¹Ideas that do was coined by Gareth Kay.