Benetton ad from 20 years ago next to new unhate campaign (right).
photo via Edward Boches, creativity unbound.


I had ignored the launch of the new Benetton Unhate campaign, since the math did not add up in my fancy brain and no good came from it.

Here is a brief revisit inspired by an exquisitely well researched and written post by Edward Boches over on u_c, read more here.

As a long term marketing practitioner fully aware of the weight and reputation the United Colors of Benetton campaign had on our trade, the Unhate campaign failed to catch my attention other than it being a new Benetton campaign. I simply didn’t care.

Anything less bloated, less meaningful may have worked for me.

The SWARM: a quick and concentrated focus on a topic fueled by social buzz
and the inevitable drop off the radar.


Not much to hate or unhate these days, don’t you think?

I however hate it, when anything that I disapprove of, gets all the attention, as the graph from Edward Boches’ post demonstrates. I hold our trade press people responsible (the German trade press is horribly disconnected), who jump on anything with a big name behind it.

To keep it short, Unhate Bennetton is crap, with no reasonable connection to the times we live in. A rebel without a cause and no comparison to earlier Oliviero Toscani ads, which were beautifully connected to the cause of their time. In his words: “pathetic and the product of a beginner’s art class.”

“Ouch” as Edward Boches remarked.

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