undecided as to maintain a reputation



By traditional measures, few people keep a diary. I have one dear friend of whom I know, he kept a diary and maybe he is still at it. It is he, who is in receipt of much acknowledgment for his cheerful and eventful personal record. More than most of my well reputed dear friends can claim for themselves. Nor can I.

Fair enough, he established it the conventional way. Most welcome episodes he shared by way of products, events and local performances. For the time, way to go with no alternative in sight. Products and events both lead to write-ups by high brow newspaper feuilletons. And shared in conventional ways.

Much like bloggers have maintained their diaries over the past decade. With a difference. Their entries get published in real time and in public.



Undecided in writing your own chronicle

People are undecided when it comes to digital. Especially in Germany. They no longer understand what happened to the world. It was on the news yesterday. The local HypoVereins bank will shut down 240 of its branches. This will leave 3,000 Germans unemployed. You get your petty cash from teller machines. You do your transactions online. Who needs a branch?

Dying of bank branches follows disappearing book stores and the drought in the music industry. For more than a decade people saw economic decline brought on by digital. Cultures disappear and habits the consumer was comfortable with.

Employment offers no safety. Confidence in government gets punished. Find safety at own risk, be self-sufficient, don’t miss out and document your own history. My dear friend must have been aware all along… Teachers taught you in history class. History gets written by the victors. Write your own history as did the victors throughout history.