Iggyy Pop

Relaxed, wise and with a healthy self understanding: Iggyy Pop
© Jérôme de Missolz


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There is a curtain that Little Richards voice could rip right through and there is a door, in Alfons Schubeck’s words, that will always swing open

I can name three men, who are pragmatic and according to the situation are opportune, and flexible to know how to deal with it. Iggy Pop, Lemmy Kilmister und Alice Cooper. All three can differentiate business from private life. Since last nights airing of the Garman/French collaborative tv station Arte, viewers know that Iggy Pop didn’t fall prey to all the rockstar crap.

Throughout much of the Nineties, a request came out of Madison Avenue for creatives to be like rockstars, which of course was crap, much like the announcement from that very address, to take on the role of managers aside from the role as art director. Early signs of advertising having lost its way.

Most can agree on a common denominator of being escapists, running away from something, I am born to run from administrational order, I did not attend 8 semesters of art school, to end up an administrator, au contraire.

Performance defines your value to society in the entertainment business, design defines your value in the advertising industry.

With all the social media stuff around, learn to distinguish between performance and privacy. Only socialise with a business objective. Why would you want your cognitive surplus get sucked right out of you?