<em>Steve showing off his iPad. Only one of them is real size.</em>

Steve showing off his iPad. Only one of them is real size.

In my life I only want things to go right.

With 450.000 iPads sold in the first week of its introduction, look forward for user interface design [UID] to take a good leap toward improved ease of use. The introduction of touch screen solutions will positively affect desktop apps as well.

We cannot do the silly, nit picky things with our fingers that we do with the pointer of the mouse cursor—less clutter, less fumbling, more generosity, readable type may well be amongst what we get to take home.

Brutally simple

User interface design does not undergo frequent changes as overly excited strategists, designers, info architects want us to believe. Quite the contrary is true. The fact that each of us is involved in the testing of new UID elements and a steep learning curve makes us feel as if we are being bombarded with new interface elements. The toll we pay for a democratic approach to software development.

Dominant changes in interface design occur in predictable intervals and not from one second to the other.

Once accepted by a global user community the mechanics and metaphors stay with us reliably for some time. The introduction of the iPhone and now the iPad demands interface designs to become more intuitive and more simple if for the mobile device then also for the desktop computer.

Old World New world
Windows GUI Touch
Point and Click Swoosh of Fluidity
Artificial, Indirect Direct, Natural
Mouse Magic
courtesy techcrunch article “Next Big Thing” by John Doerr


Long before anyone could possibly have gathered knowledge on how the iPad will be used, I have stumbled upon two shopping applications for the iPad and yes I can see families gather comfortably on their living room couch to do their shopping together.

GILT group provides invitation only Shopping on a first come first served basis for premium brand offers at up to 70% off retail. They have a first iPad app out, get it here.

<em>Gilt shopping experience</em>

Gilt shopping experience


And then there is GAP for the iPad

Done by digital agency AKQA.