How conquered the world

The campaign transforms the word “booking” from a simple transaction and company name into an adjective for the sheer, unbridled joy and satisfaction when you open the door to your accommodation and know you’ve got it right. It is an adjective for those moments of delight that uniquely delivers to its customers.



The accommodation sets the tone for the trip. When it’s wrong, the trip can never be what you’ve imagined. But when it’s right, you have won. You will sleep amazingly. You will be funnier and more charming. And those who have entrusted you with the booking will consider you to have superhuman decision-making powers. You are a booking genius.

W+K Executive Creative Director Mark Bernath


Aside from its emotional hook, the discovery of the sweet, short moment of experiencing success on arrival, has countered forged social ratings with utility that seems to work well.

Travel agents fear negative ratings, so they won’t make social media a competitive advantage. remains an opportunist and won’t turn their back on social ratings. They thought of something that makes the forging of ratings less probable. Site visitors can only comment on accommodations they have been booking and are registered guests for.

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