A P&G product has captured the German market with great potential of being a lovemark™ long after the Volkwagen beetle made way for things to become embraced by an entire nation as a godsent. It’s Oral B, the German people’s powertoothbrush. Locals refer to it as:




Oral B, the people's powertoothbrush

Oral B, the people's powertoothbrush ©2010 All rights reserved

Case closed. Nothing to add. It’ that simple. It is now on Kevin Roberts to catch the idea, pick up on it and do what needs be done to bring new relevance to the lovemark™ brand. I am in touch with Angelique Moren for this connection to take place and throw you lucky people a kiss.


all smiles

All smiles, Robert Wagner, Mark Sargent and hatmaker Dido Sargent