Muscial instrument builder Carsten Schoor has built a tuna fish-ukulele.

My tuna fish comes out of the can along with music from a tuna can ukelele

Come october, I will certainly buy my tuna from Followfisch as it becomes widely available at German super markets.

It’s not because they are caught by hand, or because the fishing rod fishery secures approx. 6.000 jobs on the Maldives, it’s because I want to lend a hand to the efforts of German ad agency Leagas Delaney in Hamburg and German blogger Stefan Zschaler, besides being raised on delicious tuna salad sandwiches, french toast and pancakes with a preference for corn syrup.

Strategic consumption goes without saying and occurs without further notice aside from everything else. We buy at places we like and we get what we like.

What we are attracted to however is governed by our own sense of discovery. It’s the nevertheless evolving transformation, the change in consumer behavior, that invokes change in advertiser’s behaviour.

A detour appealing to the social mental state, may be a better way of becoming relevant for the otherwise terribly discount concsious German public, called Schn√§ppchenj√§ger (discount chasers), since we have all learned that at the end of the rat race one remains a rat. For those of you in command of the German language here is a valid aspect by Gabriele Fischer: ‘We want the best for you‘ featured in the economy magazine Brand Eins.

More about Followfish by Susanne Herrmann. (sorry can’t find any English articles quite yet.