Kris Lewis (detail Blood Moon) with collage: Donald Trump Rally

Kris Lewis (detail Blood Moon) with overlay: Donald Trump Rally



Seen from abroad by an American born in Germany, the US of A are having a comeback.
From my view, the US are having a comeback every single day. Digitally speaking, tv-series speaking, arts speaking, literature speaking.

The other day I watched “What the USA is worth” on German TV, a documentary moderated by Donald Trump. An impressive listing of what everything is worth: mineral resources, real estate, live stock. A mine worker making 10,000 a month. It is obvious and more comforting to see a man focused on the good side of the coin than getting left behind in a mess of bad blood.

It may take an old school icon such as Donald Trump for the world to recognise the Great American Comeback, thank you people and thank you President Obama. Someone to help visualise the amazing turn-around for all the world. You can’t have Scrooge for president.

This is a salut to his presidential campaign website rather than the political figure.

No sign the site builds on the intend to meet trendy technical standards. Yet it delivers on much of what to expect from a modern day global web standard with a universal appeal.


  • Responsive to the visitors needs in a intuitive way.
  • Owes her respect and knows her time to be limited.
  • No yak yak yak. Straight forward with universal appeal.
  • Comes across as more of a physical than digital experience.
  • No display of a political agenda, focus on single claim and single pitch (status: Aug. 17, 2015)


No real one pager to drive the audience toward call-to-action. The site leaves you with an impression of being remarkably subtle for a man who cares so much about his hairdo. A nice touch for someone not known for his kindness.



Victory Passport

Victory Passport call-to-action.



Like no other campaign website, Trump’s site spells: “Easy does it.” Even “Yes we can.

And does it without the traitorous exclamation mark.

The typography is stellar. Google fonts that are both, statesmanlike authoriative (Old Standard TT) and contemporary clean (Montserrat).

The site is responsive not only by technical standard but in a more physical sense. It omits any complication or obstacles to allow for a smooth, seamless experience.

Trump’s site even omits a political agenda, bullet points listing political principles. Instead a big promise welcomes the visitor: “Make America great again.” Rather than presenting a political agenda, the site currently contains a single pitch. That of an immigration reform.

Way to go in midst of a fashionable wave to simplify in a world that has become overly complex and complicated.



Trump Rally - Felt Pennants

Trump Rally Accessories – Felt Pennants



It comes across as a much more gentle reflection of how Trump appears in public. A welcomed diversion of what a politician looks and sounds like. Even though he is wearing suit and tie and I’ve never seen him without.

It is the most clear, orderly clean and direct website, I have come across in a while. All the way down to the subtle use of social connectors. And for some intuitive reason it’s all there. No answer missing in the most common use of website structures:

“Who we are”, “What we Do” and “Why we do it”.

It’s all there in all its brevity, directness and subtlety. Amazing!

Visit Donald Trump’s campaign website.